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MBX11 Mini Bike

MBX Mini Bike
RETAIL MSRP: $799.00
You Save: $304.00 (38 %)
Part No: MBX11
no longer available
free shipping
 MBX11  (SEE MBX12)
 M I N I B I K E        Fully Assembled
A Powerful Bike In Miniature
On the road or off, this MBX Mini Bike delivers powerful acceleration, tight handling and a wild ride. Whether you’re tearing through the yard, rocking jumps and tricks, or just covering a lot of ground, this mini bike is built to get you where you’re going quickly. Featuring a durable, patent pending steel frame and tough-as-nails polypropylene fenders, it’ll take on tons of off road action, jumps, drops and spills and let you keep coming back for more
Equipped with a potent 79.5cc overhead valve engine powering tough steel wheels, this Motovox Bike has the muscle to accelerate through a variety of terrain while the rear-mounted disc brake, combined with high traction tires, means it’s able to react quickly and always keep a solid grip. Fast and easy to start with a pull-start design to get this 2.5hp engine revving quick, this mini bike will be ready anytime you want to take it out
Super customizable, the MBX Mini Bike offers fully adjustable handlebars, an oversized molded seat and folding foot pegs so you can ride just how you like, quickly adjusting for uphill, downhill and hard-surfaces. A great way to feel the wind in your hair and add the excitement of tight turns to your day, this mini bike brings customizable comfort and pulse-pounding speed home
With wicked graphics, a tough build and power to go, this Motovox Bike is the perfect way to cover rough ground in style. Fun, fast and affordably priced, it’s a great toy for adults and not only a great way to teach kids about maintenance and responsibility but how to tear-up some trails, too.
  • Big powerful overhead-valve engine
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Super Grip tires
  • Rear disk brake
  • Patent-pending frame design
  • Colorful graphics
  • Tough, no-dent polypropylene fenders
  • Large Comfortable seat
  • - 79.5cc, 2.7hp, overhead-valve engine
  • - Comes assembled, just clamp on the handlebars
  • - Adjustable handlebars
  • - Steel wheels with off-road tires
  • - Rear disc brake
  • - Patent-pending design
  • - Colorful graphics
  • - Tough, no-dent polypropylene fenders
  • - Large comfortable seat
  • - Colorful flame graphics and number plate
  • - Easy pull start
  • - Kill switch on handlebars
  • - Twist grip throttle
  • - Folding foot pegs

minibikes are not street legal, for use on private property only


MBX12 Mini Bike
MBX12 Mini Bike
RETAIL MSRP: $895.00
You Save: $346.00 (39 %)
MBX12 Mini Bike
FREE SHIPPING with Residential Delivery, Liftgate Service and Shipping Insurance all included FREE
FULLY ASSEMBLED. all new MBX12 totally new patent-pending bad boy design, MBX has shattered the mold of the mini bike forever. Adjustable handlebars, folding footpegs, oversized molded seat and tough polypropylene fenders just to name a few
MGK12 Go Kart
MGK12 Youth Go Kart
RETAIL MSRP: $1,199.00
MGK12 Youth Go Kart
FREE SHIPPING with Residential Delivery, Liftgate Service and Shipping Insurance all included FREE
Gas-Powered Youth Go-Kart. Nobody ever forgets their first amazing "toy", and this is one that won't be soon forgotten. The MG12 is not one of those plastic poseurs that goes dead at the end of the block. It's a real steel-framed. some setup required
Lifan 2.5hp OHV Powersport Engine 79cc
Lifan 2.5hp OHV Powersport Engine 97cc
RETAIL MSRP: $249.00
You Save: $60.00 (24 %)
Lifan 2.5hp OHV Powersport Engine 97cc
Lifan 2.5hp 97cc 4-Stroke Powersport Engine fits our kits. Great for motorized bicycle, small minibike, gokart and younger riders. Stock engine on the Baja Doodlebug minibike

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