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Sachs MadAss 125 Motorcycle

Sachs MadAss 125 MotorcycleMadAss with 142cc big bore kit for stock engine, asspipe exhaust, cafe racer barsour next soon to be released product is a set of hard case lockable luggage, and mounting racks
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  M O T O R C Y C L E        CARB certified for sale in California
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The Sachs MadAss Motorcycle is the sweetest bike we have seen in quite some time. The design, engineering and quality of this bike is truly amazing. All of our staff members either have one or want one. If you are considering a purchasing a moped scooter, the MadAss is an awesome alternative. 85 MPG means that MadAss is one of the most economical bikes on the market. MadAss is designed with a low center of gravity, 16" alloy wheels and heavy duty suspension which enable the  MadAss to handle and corner with superior performance. The oversized disc brake system provides incredible stopping power and enhances rider safety. Night time driving is supported by a blazing dual 55 watt H.I.D. headlight system.
The Sachs MadAss 125 is a prime example of form following function, and a true German engineering marvel. With the MadAss you get an exclusive Sachs frame design that is key to why the bike handles so well. The banana swing arm, the rear mono shock, and main frame all run parallel to each other. This allows jolts from the rear wheel to be sent forward into the front suspension, and not up and into the rider. Fuel is carried in the frame, and together you get an incredibly light, and nimble machine weighing just 219 lbs
The Sachs MadAss is a lightweight, high mileage and extremely fun bike
The Sachs MadAss 125 is a German engineered beast of a two-wheeler, packing a 125cc engine, a hydraulic fork front suspension, a unique frame that sends shock from the rear wheel to the front for a smoother ride, an in-frame fuel tank, twin H.I.D. headlights, 16-inch alloy rims, dual disc brakes, and a dry weight of just 220 lbs
  • Sachs 125cc Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Air Cooled
  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Electric Start / Kick Backup
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • CDI Ignition
  • Fuel Capacity 1.22g
  • Seat Height 33.7"
  • Wheelbase 74"
  • Steel Frame
  • Dry Weight 209lbs
  • Front Tire 90/90-16
  • Rear Tire 120/80-16

Designed and manufactured by Sachs of Germany, who celebrate their 120th anniversary this year, the Madass 125 shares the minimalist philosophy of its smaller sibling.

Fuel is carried in the frame, so a bulky fuel tank is not required and the twin seat sits on a single tube running from the bike’s spine, so no rear sub frame is required.  The result is an incredibly light machine, weighing just 209lbs, which is substantially lighter than similar capacity motorcycles.

As you would expect from a German company that has been in business since the 19th century, there is no compromise when it comes to quality components.  Reliable stopping power is delivered by a 260mm front hydraulic disc brake, backed up by a 215mm hydraulic unit at the rear.

The beefy rear mono-shock absorber has hydraulic damping and adjustable pre-load, so suspension can be tailored to suit the rider.  Twin stacked headlights provide plenty of illumination as well as giving the front end an aggressive ‘streetfghter’ appearance.  Power is provided by a reliable 4-stroke engine, which can be started at the push of a button.   A cool oval silencer, fitted with a catalytic converter, takes care of emissions.

The MadAss is a 125cc German-engineered motorcycle with a unique minimalist design that mixes aggressive street fighter styling with classic and simple enduro-like qualities. In a nutshell, the MadAss is a motorcycle in its purest form
The MadAss is commonly labeled or mistaken for a scooter and while this isn’t necessarily a horrible thing, it’s not really fair to call the MadAss anything other than a motorcycle
Weighing in at 209lbs and carrying a 125cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, the stock MadAss can reach 55mph (give or take) and get up to 85 mpg on a single 1.22 gallon tank full
Because the design and feel of the MadAss is at the heart of what motorcycling is all about, it’s not hard to imagine that riding one is a blast. The solid, quality build and feel of the bike is a great confidence builder for new riders and an excuse for more seasoned riders to push their skills and have fun
The MadAss is a sprinter and more at home with zipping around town in small trips rather then touring or long hauls but its legs were definitely proven by a 2,850 mile cross-country trip completed by Dr. MadAss and the guys over at the Pride of Cleveland Scooters
The MadAss is a definite attention-grabber even when it’s sitting still. It’s not at all uncommon for MadAss riders to get questions or comments at stop lights or parking lots. “What the hell is that thing?” “Do you build that thing yourself?” “What’s it called? A Mad what?”
One thing is for sure: if you’re bitten by the “MadAss fever” it’s safe to say that the only cure will be getting your hands on your very own
  • The Sachs MadAss 125 offers sporty riding in a minimalist design
  • 124cc 4-stroke engine provides a smooth and powerful ride
  • 4-speed transmission offers a real motorcycle ride
  • Electric start make the MadAss 125 easy to use
  • The MadAss 125 achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 85 mpg* with a tank that holds 1.35 gallons of gas
  • The MadAss 125′s powerful air-cooled 124cc 4-stroke provides a great ride
  • Electric start for quick and easy operation
  • 4-speed transmission offers great off-the-line acceleration
  • The under-seat muffler incorporates exhaust catalyst technology to reduce air pollution and meet emission regulations
Chassis and Suspension:
  • 16″ aluminum wheels with large tires for better handling
  • Robust mono-frame has a step-through design for easy mounting
  • Fuel tank holds 1.22 gallons of gasoline to provide plenty of cruising range
  • Front 43mm oil-filled shocks provide for a stable, sporty ride
  • Mono coil-over rear shock mounted on the banana swing arm provide a compliant, stable ride
  • 260mm front disc brake and 210mm rear disc brake provides serious stopping power
Other Features:
  • Large following of diehard riders and MadAss clubs
  • Hundreds of after-market parts such as racing engines, racing exhausts, luggage racks, and more
  • Locking steering column provides extra security when parked
  • Digital dash provides a large speedometer
  • Under seat exhaust
  • Twin 55W headlamps
Many custom performance parts are available for the MadAss including, the AssPipe, Cafe Handlebars and Luggage Boxes just to name a few
some custom MadAss bikes are shown below:
Engine EPA/CARB Certified 4 Stroke Air Cooled
Fuel Consumption 85 mpg**
Cylinder Number 1
Piston Displacement 124 cc
Starting System Electric/Kick
Ignition CDI
Fuel Tank 1.22 gallons
Gear Shift 4-Speed, Manual Clutch (1-N-2-3-4)
Seat Height 33"
Total Length 72.4 inches
Total Width 29.9 inches
Total Height 40.8 inches
Dry Weight 209 pounds
Capacity n/a
Front Suspension 43mm Hydraulic Shocks
Rear Suspension Coil Over Shock
Front Brake Hydraulic 260mm Disc
Rear Brake Hydraulic 210mm Disc
Front Tire 90/90-16
Rear Tire 120/80-16
Top Speed 55 MPH****
Colors Flat Black, Graphite, Yellow, Silver, Red
Part No: MA125
MFG: Sachs
Item Number: 1798

Please remember that by purchasing a vehicle from us, you are making a Factory Direct purchase and unless you pay us to assemble your unit, your item will arrive in a crate and you are responsible for performing the final assembly and setup that a store or local dealer would normally perform. NOTE: On an assembled unit, the customers mechanic must still un-crate, install roll cage, other minor items, perform the final setup and engine service prior to operation.

Assembly typically includes un-crating and installing/checking the wheels, seats, roll bars, hooking up the fuel line, battery and lights, checking tightness of all nuts and bolts, install fresh engine oil, etc. Although we do provide some general information and OWNERS GUIDES, SETUP GUIDES, DOCUMENTATION on our website, occasionally some units may need other routine items checked/adjusted such as cleaning and adjusting the carburetor and fuel tank, checking to ensure wires are well connected, adjusting chain slack and alignment, if needed.

Since you are skipping a dealer and saving over half the price of a usual retail customer, you will need to perform the final assembly (as stated above). This will take generally 2-6 hours or more to perform depending on your product and skill level. While we will gladly assist you with any technical questions, support we can give over the telephone is limited. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that a Qualified Mechanic perform the setup of your product. we cannot refund or exchange your unit if you cannot perform these functions or refuse to let a shop do it for you. By placing an order with GokartsUSA you agree to these terms

If you are a new enthusiast, welcome to the exciting world of Powersports. You should know that powersport products require substantial mechanical support to uncrate, setup, adjust, maintain, repair and upgrade. This support is required on an ongoing basis. These activities apply to a used product as well as an item brand new out of the box. We strongly recommend that a qualified mechanic perform the setup and all other mechanical operations to keep you product operating properly and safely. Gokarts USA does not provide mechanical services and labor is not covered under manufacturer's warranty under any circumstances. Additionally, manufacturers may require proof that a product was setup by a qualified mechanic in order to provide warranty coverage. Mechanic Advisory
If customer elects to perform the setup, then a PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) and Full Maintenance MUST be completed by customer prior to issuance of MSO Title. This step is required by all Dealerships in the USA. Failure to perform and submit the PDI will void the Warranty.
All Vehicles come with a Limited Warranty from the Manufacturer. Optional Extended Warranties are available. No warranty, express or implied is provided by Gokarts USA. Any warranty offered by a manufacturer is from that manufacturer and not from GokartsUSA. GokartsUSA will assist any customer should a warranty issue arise. For products whose manufacturer offers a warranty, that warranty shall cover defective Parts Only and not labor. Warranty does not cover shipping. All warranty procedures that the manufacturer requires must be followed, no exceptions. Any part or accessory that is covered by a warranty MUST be returned to the manufacturer for inspection BEFORE an exchange can be issued. Customer pays for shipping of parts to and from the manufacturer. Contact GoKartsUSA for details and further instructions if you think you have a warranty situation BEFORE you do anything. Any warranty that comes with a vehicle spells out the warranty and time periods. If you have any questions call GoKartsUSA and we will help with the warranty. Manufacturers Warranties
INJURY OR DEATH can result from operation of this product by untrained persons. User assumes all risk associated from assembly, operation and use of this product. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED BY COMPETENT ADULTS. Read the Mechanics Advisory and all Safety Information posted on our website. RIDERS MUST BE PROPERLY INSTRUCTED BEFORE OPERATING ANY GOKART, MINIBIKE, ATV, BIKE OR OTHER PRODUCT. SAFETY INFO.  RIDER SAFETY COURSE,   SAFETY WARNING
Many routine requests can be handled in the Customer Service section of our website. If you feel you may have a support or warranty situation, please complete a Help Request in the customer service section of our website. Follow the instructions completely to submit your Request.

Gokarts and Minibikes are NOT STREET LEGAL and must not be operated on the street. They must only be operated on a closed course or other designated areas.

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