Contour Roam Helmet Cam Kit, HD 1080p

Contour Roam Helmet Cam
Contour Roam Helmet CamContour Roam Helmet Cam
Part No: 1600
Brand: Contour
List Price: $249.00
SUMMER SALE: $199.00
Product Options
 Contour Roam, the smallest HD 1080p cam in the world!
Rotating Mount 
Low Profile Mount 
Fastens To:
  • Helmet
  • Buggy Roll Bar
  • Handlebars
  • Windshield
  • Goggles
  • Hat
  • Headband
  • Surfboard... 

or just about anywhere else you can think of

Kit Includes:
  • ContourROAM Camera, HD 1080p 
  • Rotating Surface Mount (for Helmet)
  • Profile Mount (for Helmet)
  • Lens Cover 
  • USB Cable (not pictured)
  • Video Editing Software (download)
Battery Meter, Lazer Site, Waterproof

The ContourROAM Action Camera:

Small, Cheap, and Mighty Fine
We just got some playtime with the ROAM, a new action-minded video camera from Contour. Its strong, no-frills design and 1080p video makes it the absolute best on the market
The build quality is terrific. It's just an aluminum bullet, and it's light, compact, and streamline. The 170 degree, rotatable lens pack a serious wide-angle and makes it tempting to point it at yourself while you're doing something stupid (see video). It's incredibly simple: push the switch forward, then it's on and recording. Smart, fast, and saves power. You can get a ton of different mounts for everything from your head to your handlebars to your surfboard. The battery meter lets you know exactly how much juice you have left, and it's got a laser site so you can tell you're shooting straight. It can shoot up to 1080p at 30fps, and it's "waterproof" (like all gadgets should be), rated to withstand 1 meter (roughly 3 feet) for 30 minutes.
The ContourROAM is the ideal camera for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just slide the record switch and you're instantly filming beautiful HD video. The award-winning design is tough, compact, waterproof to one meter, and versatile which means you can use your ContourROAM anywhere, anytime and capture all the action you want
Record up to 8 hours of 1080p video (12 hours of 720p video) on a 32GB MicroSD card, then use the free Contour Storyteller App to easily transfer and share your videos with your friends and the community (32GB SD card sold separately).

ContourROAM Product Features:


Shooting video should be simple and fun. With the ContourROAM, we've introduced one-step recording. Just slide the record switch, and you're instantly filming. Easy as that. It's the ideal camera for a fun, stress-free experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. The ContourROAM is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, with a sleek, award-winning design and a laser that helps you level the camera and get the right shot every time


The ContourROAM records the action with a 170° super wide-angle lens, capturing all the backgrounds and peripheral moments that can be missed with a narrower field of view. Sophisticated camera technology automatically adjusts the exposure and white balance, ensuring crisp, beautiful video every time. You can choose between three different video resolutions, 720p, 960p and 1080p, or shoot 5 megapixel photos enabling you greater creative flexibility


Shooting hands-free video shouldn’t be limited to just a few sports. We offer a full ecosystem of mounts, specifically tailored for a full range of activities and interests. From gun-sight, undercarriage, and roll bar connections to ski, skate, motocross, and whitewater attachments, Contour's TRail™ Mount system automatically places the camera in the sweet spot for your specific sport. Rather than wasting time rigging something yourself, our sport-specific mounts are ready-to-use out of the box, and keep the camera steady from start to finish


Mud. Dirt. Snow. Rain. The places you roam can be some of the roughest places on earth. The ContourROAM is made to withstand encounters with everything from eating mud puddles, to monster barrels at Teahupoo, to drops down the Khumbu Icefall. The rugged aluminum body withstands serious abuse, while the waterproof design keeps everything safe and dry up to one meter


The video is only part of the story and Contour's built-in, multi-direction microphone captures the ambient audio that underscores all the action


Available up to 32GB, MicroSD cards capture up to eight hours of footage when shooting in full 1080p mode, and can be quickly swapped so you don't miss a minute of the action. MicroSD cards sold separately



Free Storyteller App easily imports and helps you assemble your video footage via Mac or PC. Once you're done, upload and share your adventure for your friends to see

Chris's Ducati Ride
The Contour Helmet Cam is ideal for fun and easy capturing of your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just slide the record switch and you're instantly filming beautiful HD video. tough, compact, waterproof to one meter. Smaller and Better than Go-Pro

Product Reviews

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Jessie (San Jose, CA) 6/6/2012 1:29 PM
This outstanding camera is light years ahead of the Go Pro and other similar look a likes with its slim water proof design and its variable 1080P and 720P resolution. Over all i am happy with the contours outstanding quality and toughness.


  • Contour Vented Helmet Mount
    Part No: G2550
    List Price: $24.95
    SUMMER SALE: $19.99
    The Vented Helmet Mount has been given a serious upgrade in how the mount tightens and clamps down to your helmet. Find your mounting location, slide the straps through, and cinch them down. Slide your Contour camera onto the Trail system
    View Contour Vented Helmet Mount
  • Contour Flat Surface Mount Adhesives (2Pk)
    Part No: G2250
    List Price: $5.99
    SUMMER SALE: $4.99
    Replacement Adhesive Pads to remount your Contour Flat Surface Mount. Works best on flat, non-porous, clean surfaces. Package includes (2) adhesives.
    View Contour Flat Surface Mount Adhesives (2Pk)
  • Contour Hat Mount
    Part No:
    List Price: $24.95
    SUMMER SALE: $19.99
    A new way to capture hands-free HD video: Use your baseball hat, hunting cap, or any of your favorite soft fabric hats to capture the shot you want. Just place the fully adjustable base on the inside of the hat and snap the mount together and you are set
    View Contour Hat Mount
  • Contour Headband Mount
    Part No:
    List Price: $24.95
    SUMMER SALE: $19.99
    The Headband mount is that true multi-sport mount. The elastic headband is easy to adjust via sliding buckle, and the TRail system allows you to quickly attach your Contour camera. The mount is firm and provides jiggle-free recording
    View Contour Headband Mount
  • Contour Goggle Strap Mount
    Part No:
    List Price: $24.95
    SUMMER SALE: $19.99
    No helmet, no worries! The Goggle Strap Mount wraps around a standard goggle strap and rests comfortably against your head on a soft pad. Slide your Contour camera onto the TRail Mounting System and you are ready to go. lets your camera look where you do
    View Contour Goggle Strap Mount
  • Contour Car Charger
    Part No: G2900
    List Price: $24.95
    SUMMER SALE: $19.99
    Recharge or keep your Contour camera running while you are in your car. Connect your Contour to the car charger so you can record while charging, or power down the camera and recharge even faster!
    View Contour Car Charger
  • Contour Universal Mount Adapter
    Part No: G3100
    List Price: $24.99
    SUMMER SALE: $23.95
    This product will make your Contour cameras compatible with your favorite camera mounts. Use the 1/4"-20 Universal Mount Adapter to attach your camera to any mounts or tripods
    View Contour Universal Mount Adapter
  • Contour Profile Mount
    Part No:
    List Price: $29.99
    SUMMER SALE: $24.95
    The Profile Mount was built to place a fixed camera on your helmet and within millimeters of the surface that you apply it to. The low profile design enhances the already minute size of the Contour video camera making the Worlds Smallest HD Camera
    View Contour Profile Mount
  • Contour Rotating Flat Surface Mount, Contour Roam Helmet Cam
    Part No:
    List Price: $29.95
    SUMMER SALE: $24.95
    The Rotating Flat Surface Mount is the ultimate in smart design and simplicity. This useful multi-purpose surface mount was developed to be easy to use, and give you the confidence that once locked, it will stay in place
    View Contour Rotating Flat Surface Mount, Contour Roam Helmet Cam
  • Contour Flex Strap Mount
    Part No: G2755
    List Price: $29.95
    SUMMER SALE: $24.99
    The Flex Strap from Contour is a versatile mount that is designed for use across a multitude of sports and bar shapes. Strap it to the downtube of your bicycle or to the roll cage in your car. The soft flexible strap holds steady and dampens vibration
    View Contour Flex Strap Mount
  • Contour Replacement Battery
    Part No: G2350
    List Price: $34.99
    SUMMER SALE: $29.99
    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 2-3 hours (depending upon usage and temperature) of portable power for your ContourHD and ContourGPS cameras. To recharge, place the battery in your Contour camera and connect to your computer with the USB cable
    View Contour Replacement Battery
  • Contour Universal Wall Charger
    Part No: G2XXX
    List Price: $34.95
    SUMMER SALE: $29.99
    The Universal Wall Charger is an international wall charger that will allow you to recharge your Contour cameras wherever you go. Select the plug for the country, connect the USB to your camera, and in about three hours your camera will be ready
    View Contour Universal Wall Charger
  • Suction Cup Mount
    Part No: G2810
    List Price: $45.00
    SUMMER SALE: $39.99
    This powerful suction cup mount from our friends at Panavise attaches your Contour camera to any windshield or car body. Place the mount where you want it to stick, press a button, slide a switch, and your Windshield Mount is now locked and loaded
    View Suction Cup Mount
  • Roll Bar Mount, Contour Roam Helmet Cam
    Part No: G3800
    List Price: $59.95
    SUMMER SALE: $49.95
    The Roll Bar Mount is built to attach your Contour to motorsports roll-bars. Capture race, drift, and off-road action. Using a double socket arm and ball design it adjusts by turning a central wing nut
    View Roll Bar Mount, Contour Roam Helmet Cam