How to Buy a Gokart
  • FUN KARTS traditional style karts, upright engine and torque converter 
  • RACE KARTS race style go karts
  • BODY KARTS karts with car and truck bodies
  • GOKART KITS easy to build kits
  • KID GOKARTS gokarts for kids
One of the first things a potential buyer needs to understand is the differences between a Gokart and a Buggy. Gokarts are generally smaller. They have smaller tires, smaller engines, and are designed for asphault. Some Gokarts with slightly larger tires can be driven on both asphault and dirt. Buggies, on the other hand, are larger, have larger engines and tires, and designed mainly for the dirt and trails. Some States have allowed buggies to be registered as street legal. Check with your State
Gokarts, sometimes called Fun Karts or Yard Karts in the past, are not designed for competitive racing, but rather, for use on private property like the back yard, neighborhood, parking lots or anywhere you can get away with it. Race Karts are lower to the ground and are designed for use asphault or dirt race tracks. People who do not wish to race can still choose a race kart as long as you can find a place to run it. Many office parking lots are abandoned on the weekends
TrailMaster Gokarts and Buggies NOTE: click on logo to see the complete lineup
TrailMaster Karts are similar to the Traditional Gokarts made-in-usa in the past by companies like Manco, Kenbar, Kartco and others. They have Upright Engines and Torque Converters and can be ridden on Dirt or Asphault. TrailMaster is your best bet for small sized kids Gokarts
XRS = Base Models
XRX = Fully Loaded Deluxe Models
MINI XRS small 5.5hp, Torque Converter, Speed Limiter, ages 6-10
MINI XRX small deluxe 5.5hp, Torque Converter, Speed Limiter, ages 6-10
MID XRS mid size 6.5hp, Torque Converter, ages 6-12
MID XRX mid size deluxe 6.5hp, Torque Converter, ages 8-12
American Sportworks Gokarts and Buggies NOTE: click on logo to see the complete lineup
American Sportworks, formerly Manco, manufactures Traditional Gokarts with Upright Engines and Torque Converters and Buggies
BLACK WIDOW kids kart, 136cc, Torque Converter, 3 year engine warranty
DRAGONFLY kids kart, 6hp, Torque Converter, 3 year engine warranty
BLUE LIGHTNING kids, adults, 150cc, CVT Transmission w/Reverse
QUANTUM kids, adults, 150cc, CVT Transmission w/Reverse
Gokart KitsNOTE: click on logo to see the complete lineup
Easy to Build kits. For Kids and Adults. No special tools needed.Complete step-by-step instructions. These kits have been Made-in-USA since 1960
3557 Gokart Kit 5" Nylon Wheels
3551 Gokart Kit 5" Aluminum Wheels
3552 Gokart Kit 6" Aluminum Wheels
Road Rat Race KartsNOTE: click on logo to see the complete lineup
Road Rat Race Karts for Kids and Adults
These Race Karts are amazingly well built machines with all replacement parts available on our website for online ordering. Approved for racing in the honda clone class at tracks all over the USA or just for cruzin around in the neighborhood. We are proud to offer the most affordable kart packages in the country. By offering such a low priced packages, it is our goal to bring new faces into this great sport of kart racing!
XK Kid 2.5hp ages 5-8
XC Kid Cadet 6.5hp ages 8-12
XR Adult 6.5hp
TAG Adult XR with electric start
AKRA Adult XR with high performance engine
LTO Adult Oval Track
XF Adult Sprint and Oval Track
Gokarts with Car and Truck Bodies NOTE: click on logo to see the complete lineup
Custom Go Karts with Car and Truck Bodies MADE-IN-USA
Great for Adults and Kids, Corporate Promotions, Parades and more
Options Include: 6.5hp Electric Start, Torque Converter, Disc Brakes, Horn, Custom Paint and Graphics. We can add virtually any Graphics, Corporate Name or Logo, etc

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