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Valve Springs, 10.8lb, Stage 1, Honda GX120/160/200, Titan and Predator Engines
Item No: GDJ-1055HD
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DJ-1055HD Valve Springs for Honda GX160 and GX200 , Titan and Predator Engines. superior in. every way to the old trick springs fits the 5.5 and 6.5hp engines Honda and Titan. Works great on our Titan Engines
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Gasket Set, for Predator 212 engine
Item No:
ORDER NOW: $37.63
Predator 212 Stock Gasket set includes the following: Carb to intake insulator gasket, Intake insulator to head gasket, Header gasket, Valve cover gasket, Side cover gasket, Air box to carb spacer, Head gasket, NOTE!!! DOES NOT INCLUDE: Crank Seals
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The first modification should be to disable or remove  the governor. The governor restricts the engine to 3600 RPM. With the governor disabled or removed, the RPM will increase to about 5200 resulting in a substantial increase in performance. There is a very easy way to disable the governor. see How to Remove the Governor
see ALL HIGH FLOW AIR FILTERS. The stock air filter is very restrictive. Upgrading to a High Flow Air Filter will let the engine breathe better and increase power. Installing a HIGH FLOW AIR FILTER, Stock Carb will give you a big boost in performance. Also available is our GENUINE K&N AIR FILTER, Stock Carb with Pre-Filter
Upgrade to the Genuine Mikuni Carb for a MAJOR BOOST IN POWER and use this MIKUNI HIGH FLOW AIR FILTER
The stock exhaust is also very restrictive. A favorite among Kart Racers, the  RLV Header Pipe and Silencer will give you a substantial boost in power and that great sound for a low cost. You will need the Locking Collar to fasten the silencer. Also available for use on both Karts and Minibikes are the Fatty Exhaust and Stinger Exhausts Headers for Maximum Power and Awesome Sound
Stock Carb: The Stage 1 Kit, Stock Carb is an inexpensive, easy bolt-on Upgrade to the Intake and Exhaust. Also available is the Genuine K&N Stage 1 Kit
Mikuni Carb: For Top Power see the Mikuni Stage 1 Kit with Fatty or Mikuni Stage 1 Kit with Stinger. This carb upgrade really wakes up the responsiveness of the engine and, as an added bonus, allows you to remove the stock throttle linkage mechanism and replace it with one simple throttle Cable connection.  Mikuni STAGE I INSTALL GUIDE
CARB JETS: Upgrading the Intake and Exhaust usually requires re-jetting the Carburetor. If you have to play with your choke to get your engine to run properly, you need to adjust the Carb Main Jet. For the Stock Carb see
Honda Main Jets. The .035 Main Jet seems to work best but you may want to try .034, .035 and .036  to see which works best for your engine. For our Mikuni Carbs see
Mikuni Main Jets  120-140 for Curved Intake, 170-190 for the Inverted Intake. Open the Float Bowl, unscrew the jet and put in a larger size. see Mikuni Tuning Guide
You will be removing the gas tank as part of your build. In addition to its billet aluminum good looks, the Top Plate supports installation of the Fuel Pump and optional Throttle Control. (if using a Mikuni Carb, you do not need to use the throttle control)
BOX STOCK KIT                 
Box Stock is the Beginner Class for Kart Racing. The Box Stock Kit has everything you need to upgrade your stock engine to the Box Stock Class except the exhaust. Kit includes the Top Plate, Chain Guard / Heat Shield, Angled Air Filter, Billet Air Filter Adapter, Fuel Pump, Fuel Line, Throttle Linkage and Hardware and more. Add the RLV Exhaust to complete this kit
With the governor removed, the stock valve springs will be too weak to operate properly at high RPM. Installing stiffer 18lb Springs will prevent the valves from floating at high RPM
Installing a 3910X Spark Plug costs about $7 and can add an amazing 3/4hp to your engine. This plug is longer than the stock plug and creates more compression. Also, this plug does not need to be gapped or indexed to operate at optimum performance
We have seen thick stock head gaskets on an increasing number of engines. Replacing the stock gasket with a thin .010 gasket will decrease the size of the combustion chamber thereby increasing compression
Before going any further with your engine upgrade, we recommend replacing your heavy 7 pound stock flywheel with a much lighter and better balanced
Billet Aluminum Flywheel. The stock flywheel is prone to failure at high rpm, which could result in serious injury. The lighter weight will boost your horsepower and acceleration
As the RPMs continue to increase, replacing the stock rod with a much stronger and lighter billet aluminum rod is needed to get from 5600rpm to 7200.
The ARC Rod is the best choice. It can be ordered stock length or It can also be ordered .010 or .020 longer to increase compression without machining the block, a big boost
For the Box Stock Class, use the CL1-Improved Cam to follow the racing rules. If you don't care about rules, you can use the Superbox CM .275 Cam, which is as hot as you can go without Rocker-Arm upgrade
The Superbox Class is the advanced Clone Kart Racing Class. If you have a Box Stock Engine (Box Stock Kit installed) this Superbox Upgrade Kit will provide you with all the parts needed to upgrade to the more powerful Superbox class
The Builder Prepared Class is the top Clone Kart Racing Class. The complete Builder Prepared Parts Kit includes: Intake, Exhaust, Chain/Heat Guard, Top Plate, Fuel Pump, Valve Springs, Cam, Main Jet, Billet Flywheel, Billet Rod and more
Take your stock Honda, Titan, Predator and other Engines, and use this Superbox Parts Kit to Build your own Superbox class engine
Upgrade your stock Honda Titan or Predator engine with this Crate Engine Kit. Includes the Rod, Flywheel, Cam, Mikuni Carb/Intake, Stinger Exhaust, Superchrome Gas Tank and much more. CLOSED COURSE COMPETITION only
Ready-to-Run, Complete Crate Engine. Choose a Titan or Predator. We will install, test, tune, crate and ship. CLOSED COURSE COMPETITION only