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Rokon Accessories
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Hunting & Recreational Accessories

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HatsROKON Hat, PN 109025-Red  - Standard color is red cap with ROKON and  2x2 logos. Optional Camoflague Hat is PN 109025-Camo
Portable WinchAutoGrab PN 108299,  The addition of front suspension is the most significant Rokon development in many years.  This is also available as a kit for bikes built after 1985 (PN 108299KIT )

How it works:  The driven front suspension is a leading link type.  It has the advantage of low weight and lower unsprung weight which improves traction.  It is stiff horizontally which allows the use of one light weight spring shock unit and allows for 8 inches of shock travel.    It consists of a swing arm pivoted at the bottom of the front fork.  A dual idler sprocket rotating at this pivot point receives the drive chain from the front drive miter box.  A second chain on this dual idler sprocket drives the front wheel.  Both chain drives thereby have constant sprocket center distances

towbarTow Bar Kit, PN 100893  - This consists of the towbar, chain and mounting hardware.  This is a popular accessory.  It is suspended by a chain to be able to have some give in the woods.  For loads over 300 lbs, add the rigid bar PN 103181 which replaces the chain.
rigid-towbar-Rigid Tow Bar, PN 103081  - This consists of a rigid bar to replace the chain in the Tow Bar Kit.  This item combined with the Tow Bar Kit allows you the ability to tow or drag heavy loads.
Wheel Chains for Snow and Ice, PN 109001 - The wheel chains are designed to fit ROKON 5.9X15 and 8X12 tires for maximum traction in snow conditions. The chains include ice barbs and are made out of heavy duty steel.
Shock Assembly for Seat, PN 109002 - This unit improves riding comfort. It has a four position setting to adjust for the weight of the rider and comes with shock and mounting hardware. Kit will work on older model ROKONs. Specify year of bike to get right one.  Note the shock option is standard equipment on all new ROKONs.
ROKON T-Shirt - Full Color on quality 100% cotton, heavy weight T-Shirt. Available in sizes L, XL and XXL.
ROKON T-Shirt, 50 year Anniversary - Black with Tracks, Full Color on quality 100% cotton, heavy weight T-Shirt. Available in sizes L, XL and XXL.
Wheel Free Carrier, PN 109015 - Made of tubular steel and welded together, this unit will support 500 lbs on a class III two inch receiver hitch. Built and designed exclusively for ROKON, this carrier will exactly fit wide ROKON tires. It comes with a brake lights kit, universal plug, stabilizer kit, and powder coat finish. It is the best ROKON carrier available and makes you totally portable without a trailer.  An optional ramp is available
  • Fits any class III or IV hitch
  • Powder coat finish
  • Easily stores away
  • Boxed for UPS shipping
  • Handles wide bike tires
  • Reversable Rails
What's Included:
  • Anti-tilt lock bracket
  • 2 in. x 2 in. x 24 in. holding shaft
  • Four retractable tie down bars
  • One 6.5 in. x 71.5 in. carrier track
  • One wheel stop
  • Two reflectors
  • Model Number: 109015
  • Description:Single motorcycle carrier  
  • Approx. Shipping Wt. : 69 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity : 500 lbs.
  • Length of carrier rail: 71.5 in.
  • Width of carrier rail: 6.5 in.
  • Pin to center of rail: 21.5 in.

Trail Maintenance Kit PN 100412 - A leather pouch packed with many necessary items to insure the reliability of your riding adventure. The items included are spark plug, spark plug wrench, air filter, fuel filter, chain-breaker, two connecting links, two half links, length of chain, drive belt, pull rope, 9/16th wrench and a low pressure tire gauge.
Gun Boot with Bracket PN 109011 - A full case hunting boot that keep your rifle and scope dry and warm. It attached conveniently via a bracket to the side of any ROKON and can be easily removed. The case has a handy carry handle.
Gun Rack Basic PN 109010 - Double prong brackets lined in rubber that mount on to the front handlebar. This put a rifle crossways in front of you. Easy to mount and remove.
Anti-Theft Ignition Switch PN 105021 - A three position key switch that prevents starting your ROKON without a starting key. Position one is off, two is running and three is running with headlight on.
Easy Loop Lock, PN 109003 - This is a forged steel flexible lock that can pass through the Rokon frame and be secured to a tree.  Hiding a Rokon in the woods has never been safer.
Utility Saddlebags, PN 109200 - This is a set of 2 bags.  As the muffler comes out under the rear seat, the Rokon is ideally setup to mount these bags easily.  The bags are roomy, rugged and American Made.
Side CarSide Car, PN 104166 - This versatile attachment bolts to the right side of your ROKON with just one bolt.  It consists of a frame constructed of steel tubing (painted to match your ROKON), a plywood deck for carrying equipment, and a sidecar seat for carrying an extra passenger.  Dimensions for the deck working space are 23 by 36 inches. Width of the bike and sidecar together is 45 inches. It is a versatile attachment that can be used to haul gear and is easily removed when not needed. It weighs 76 lbs. When attached, it can carry 600 lbs.
Game CarrierGame Carrier, PN 109018 - Creates a nested area 12x24 inches at the base and widens to 15 by 25 1/2 inches at the top with a height of 3 1/2 inches.  The Game Carrier replaces the rear seat and uses the same bolt pattern.
Brush GuardBrush Busters, PN 109019  - One of the most popular accessories after the tow bar kit.  The Brush Busters are aluminum braced and very helpful in protecting the brake levers and your hands.
GPS/Cell Phone HolderGPS/Cell Phone Holder, PN 109110 - This is a universal holder capable of holding in place any electronic device including a satellite telephone.
Bike Lift (EZRIZER from England)Single Track Trailer, PN 104050- Here is the answer for trail building.  No longer do you need to be as wide as a 4 wheeler to carry all your gear into the outback.  This new item supports 600 lbs and has a deck working space of 24 3/4" x 44 1/2".
Titan TireTitan 489 XT Tire  - The most popular tire and wheel option today is the 12 inch drums with the Titan 489 XT  8x12x25 tire.  It has the wrap around traction of a knobby tire (key in side hill situations) with the traction of a tractor tire.  This tire is 2 inches wider than the Implement Tire option on the 15 drum and only 1" overall shorter.
WindshieldWindshield, PN 109030  - The Windshield is useful in windy and sandy conditions and in cold weather as a wind block. Dimensions are 20 3/4" High x 29" Width.
Storage CoverBike Storage Cover PN 109014  - The Storage Cover is made of medium-weight polyester, repels water and has a vent system to let moisture escape.  It also has aSewn elastic shock cord and under-bike web strap and comes with a storage bag.
actradialRadial Tire PN 100842  - The  Radial tire 8x12x26 is an upgrade to the standard 12 inch tire. Choose this tire when the terrain, ie. mud, sand, and/or snow, is most demanding. 
Agricultural Accessories

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Disc HarrowDisc Harrow, PN 104104  - Each gang weighs 64 lbs.  Overall length is 69" with a width of 43".  There are 16 disc with an overall height of 15 inches.  The depth of cut is 4 inches.  It is primarily used to create rows for planting.
Log SkidderLog Skidder, PN 104264  - Designed and built by ROKON. In conjunction with the Adjustable Rigid Tow Bar (Part No 103181) and a ball hitch, this skidder can tow logs behind your ROKON.  The front end of the log is secured in the cradle, and the rear end is dragged on the ground.
Mold Board PlowMoldboard Plow 10", PN 104100  - This 48 lb. item is pictured attached to the Three Point Hitch.  This is best used on the Trail-Breaker model as you can add water to the wheels to obtain optimal traction.  It is used primarily to break soil 5-6 inches deep for planting.
Lawn Mower,3-Gang ReelLawn Mower,3-Gang Reel, PN 104170 - Each gang measures 24 inches and together they cut a 5 foot swath.  The six tempered steel blades are 12 gauge. The wheel are aluminum. The roller blocks are wooden. This is a classic design made in the USA. The cutting height is adjustable from 1/2-2 1/2 inches.
TrailerTrailer, PN 109016  - This unit weighs 175 lbs and has a GVW Capacity of 700 lbs.  Dimensions are 42" Long by 30" Wide and 16" Tall. Made out of 16 gauge steel with 22-11 X 8.00 tires and fits a 2" ball coupler. Comes with a lift gate and dump body.  The Trailer is best used with the Rokon Tow Bar Kit  PN 100893 and the Rigid Bar PN 103181
Broadcast SpreaderBroadcast Spreader, PN 103192  - The spreader has a poly hopper body that resist corrosion.  It can handle 175 lbs of material.  The pnuematic ball bearing wheels are 15" x 6".  It spreads 10-12 inches wide.  The spreader easily attaches to the Rokon tow bar kit. 
Power Take-Off KitPower Take-Off Kit, PN 104066  - The power take off kit consists of a locking throttle, belt and hardware that translates power from the rear driven pulley up to a generator or pump set into the rear seating area.  This picture shows the pump PN 105105 that can pump up to 60 gallons per minute.  The pump attaches to an aluminum mounting plate PN 104303  
Agri-SprayerAgri-Sprayer, PN 105012  - This 45 gallon tank unit has a 3 gallon per minute output, knobby thread tires with needle bearings and grease zerks, and a durable 12 volt/ 5 amp pump with convenient toggle on/off switch for trouble free operation.  The rear spray boom has a 160 inch spray width.  It can evenly spray herbicides, insecticides and other lawn products on turf trees and shrubs.  
Three Point HitchThree Point Hitch, PN 104161  - This item is required to raise and lower the Moldboard Plow and the Cultivator.  This 30 lb. unit bolts onto the back of all Rokon models.  It is spring loaded and has 16 inches of travel.  Overall dimensions are 19" Long x 14 1/2" Wide x 17 1/2" High.
Add the Autograb Front Suspension to your Rokon Bike. Also, choose from 44 available Accessories for your Rokon Bike. FREE SHIPPING when ordered with a bike

Since you are skipping the Dealer and saving over half the retail cost, you will have some assembly to do.

Vehicles are shipped warehouse direct, in a crate, 95% assembled.

Customer must:

  • un-crate
  • perform initial vehicle setup
  • perform engine oil service
  • check and adjust all systems, throttle, brakes
  • check and tighten all nuts and bolts
  • perform break-in service after 1 hour of operation
  • by customer's mechanic at customer's expense

EVEN ON ASSEMBLED UNITS: Initial Vehicle Setup and maintenance must be performed by a qualified mechanic.

Initial Setup can include installing: wheels, seats, roll cage, lights, battery. Break-in Service must be performed after 1 hour of operation and can include: engine oil service, check and tighten all nuts and bolts, check and adjust cables, throttle, brakes, chain and all other systems.

Who can work on my Vehicle?
There may not be many Go Kart or Scooter shops in your area.

  • Small Engine Repair Shops
  • Garden Equipment Shops

These shops can help with Assembly, Repair or Maintenance. Often times, they can come to your house.

All Parts are available for online ordering.

All Manuals can be downloaded.  


The Manufacturer Warranty DOES NOT COVER REPAIRS. The Manufacturer covers parts only and labor is not covered under any circumstances. Any damaged or missing delivery items will be replaced. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and DOES NOT COVER repairs or damage due to operation.


To request support or initiate a Warranty Claim, please complete a Help Request . Parts can be purchased at any time on our website.

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Closeout Add the Autograb Front Suspension to your Rokon Bike. Also, choose from 44 available Accessories for your Rokon Bike. FREE SHIPPING when ordered with a bike new 75-lbs // Red/Black/Blue 108299 Rokon


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