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GOKARTS USA® is an American  Manufacturer and Supplier of Powersport products.

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Coolster Dirtbike, ATV

TrailMaster GoKart

Custom Minibikes

BMS Buggy

Azusa Minibikes

Little BadAss Minibikes

American Racer Minibikes

Road Rocket Gokart kit


Voodoo Kart

Red Devil Minibikes

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Gokart Parts, Minibike Parts

Wheel, Tire, Brake, Clutch, Chain, Controls

Engine, Gas Tank, Exhaust, Carburetion

Honda GX Performance Parts:

Intake, Exhaust, Rod, Cam, Flywheel

Centrifugal Clutches

GTC Torque Converters, 30 Series, 40 Series

Titan Engines, Stinger Exhaust, Mikuni Carb

Fatty Exhaust, Fuel Line, Hardware


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BACKGROUND The Go Kart was invented in Pasadena, California in 1957 and soon after came the Mini Bike. By 1962, there were over 30 manufacturers making Go Karts and Mini Bikes including American Companies like Azusa, Steens, Taco, Bonanza, Manco, Kenbar, Yerf-Dog, Kartco, Carter, Rupp and more.
Back in the 60's, it was every kids dream to have a Go Kart or Mini Bike. Most kids never had one because their parents would not let them. Our founder still remembers watching his neighbor, Joey, ride his Mini Bike. He would not let him ride it. Time and again he asked his Dad for a Mini Bike. The answer was always no.

Finally, when at the age of eleven, to his utter astonishment, his Dad actually said yes! he was so beside himself, and fearing that he might change his mind, he begged him to take him to Sears where he bought him a Wren Bird Mini Bike with a 3hp Tecumseh motor. It was 1967.
Years later, when it came time for him to share this experience with his son, there were no Gokarts or Minibikes to be found. He finally found, ordered and built a mail-order Gokart kit. It was an awesome experience which led him to form this company...

OUR STORY GOKARTS USA was established back in 2001. At that time, we were the only company selling gokarts and mini bikes in the USA. All of the products we sold were made in the USA. One-by-one we watched as almost all of the American Manufacturers fell by the wayside by 2008.

We responded by starting to manufacture many of the products our customers could no longer buy.

When Comet Torque Converters were no longer available, we started making GTC Torque Converters.

When Tecumseh went out of business, we began selling Titan Powersport Engines with tons of aftermarket parts.

We brought back Taco Minibikes which had been sold to Steve Manley in Texas. And yes, as Joe Rivello says, the opportunity presented itself to buy Taco. We sold it to him.

Little BadAss Motorcycle Company, was purchased in 2010. The Minichopper was redesigned to accommodate the new generation of Engines, Torque Converters and Parts. The bike and parts now all in production with new bikes like White Lightnin' and Heavy Duty for Junior Dragster

GOKARTS USA has strong ties to the industry 
With the mass exodus of the American Manufacturers, we were searching for new products to sell

In came the imports... SunL, Roketa, BMS, Kandi, Kinroad, TrailMaster and a host of others

TrailMaster, started by the top man from Kinroad, soon became a top brand. During the development stages, we suggested TrailMaster as the name.

GOKARTS USA remains dedicated to providing the Power Sports community with innovative, high quality products, both import and a growing number of our own, made-in-USA products.