Beast Sand Car

Beast Sand Car
Beast Sand Car
Item No: 811
Brand: MONSTER Sand Cars
SALE PRICE: $86,288.00

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BEAST Sand Car
Over All Length
Width Front
Width Rear
Wheel Base
Travel Front
Travel Rear
Car Includes:
  • 4130 Chromoly MIG Welded Frame
  • 450 Horsepower LS-1 Turnkey Engine
  • Mendeola MD 4S2D
  • Chromoly Front A-Arms (with 1 1/4" Heims Lower 7/8" Top)
  • Chromoly 2" Hollow Cone Spindles
  • Chromoly Tie Rods
  • Chromoly Trailing arms
  • Howe Power Steering Rack
  • All Necessary Heims and Misalignments
  • Perforated Steel Floor
  • Fortin Shifter Box & Shifter Shaft
  • Steering Shaft
  • Momo Quick Release and Steering Wheel
  • 934 Microstub Kit with Wilwood 4 Piston Brakes
  • 934 300M Axles
  • 934 Chromoly Race Cages
  • FRONT - 2-King 2.0 x 10" Coil Carrier with Springs
  • BACK - 2-King 2.5 x 14" Coil Carrier with Springs
  • FRONT - 2-King 2.0 x 12" Bypass Shocks
  • BACK - 2-King 2.5 x 16" Bypass Shocks
  • 2 Premier Racing Bucket Seats with Removable Headrest (Leather)
  • 1 Premier Racing Bench Seat with Removable Headrest (Leather)
  • 2-Crow 3 x 3 5-Point Harness Seat Belts
  • 3-Crow 2 x 3 4-Point Harness Seat Belts
  • Drive Seat Slider
  • CNC Hanging Pedal Assembly
  • CNC Gas Pedal
  • CNC Turning Brakes
  • Wilwood Front Brakes
  • 4-17" Douglas Beadlock Wheels with 33" Tires
  • 2-Laser Star 100w Flood Lights
  • 2-Laser Star 100w Spot Lights
  • 2-LED Tail Lights
  • Oddssey Battery and Mount
  • 16 GAL Gas Tank
  • Whip Mount
  • PWR Radiator
  • Water and Oil Gauges
  • Tachometer
  • Switch Box with Switches
  • Aluminum Side Panels Roof Wing Trunk
  • High Torque Starter
  • Powdercoated and Completely Assembled
    Motor Upgrade Options
    • Pump Gas LS-1 500,550 Horsepower
    • Pump Gas LS-1 Twin Turbo 630 Horsepower up to 775 Horsepower


    Transmission Upgrade Options

    • Mendeola MD4-2D
    • Mendeola S4 Sequential
    • Fortin 5-Speed
    • Albin A6B

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Sand Cars in Action
LS-1 Twin Turbo up to 775 Horsepower (optional), 5-Speed, Chromoly Chassis, Fortin Shifter

Since you are skipping the Dealer and saving over half the retail cost, you will have some assembly to do.

Vehicles are shipped warehouse direct, in a crate, 95% assembled.

Customer must:

  • un-crate
  • perform initial vehicle setup
  • perform engine oil service
  • check and adjust all systems, throttle, brakes
  • check and tighten all nuts and bolts
  • perform break-in service after 1 hour of operation
  • by customer's mechanic at customer's expense

EVEN ON ASSEMBLED UNITS: Initial Vehicle Setup and maintenance must be performed by a qualified mechanic.

Initial Setup can include installing: wheels, seats, roll cage, lights, battery. Break-in Service must be performed after 1 hour of operation and can include: engine oil service, check and tighten all nuts and bolts, check and adjust cables, throttle, brakes, chain and all other systems.

Who can work on my Vehicle?
There may not be many Go Kart or Scooter shops in your area.

  • Small Engine Repair Shops
  • Garden Equipment Shops

These shops can help with Assembly, Repair or Maintenance. Often times, they can come to your house.

All Parts are available for online ordering.

All Manuals can be downloaded.  


The Manufacturer Warranty DOES NOT COVER REPAIRS. The Manufacturer covers parts only and labor is not covered under any circumstances. Any damaged or missing delivery items will be replaced. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and DOES NOT COVER repairs or damage due to operation.


To request support or initiate a Warranty Claim, please complete a Help Request . Parts can be purchased at any time on our website.

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SAND CARS LS-1 Twin Turbo up to 775 Horsepower (optional), 5-Speed, Chromoly Chassis, Fortin Shifter new 1250-lbs // Red/Black/Blue Beast MONSTER Sand Cars


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