Main Jets, for Keihin Carburetor

Carburetor Main Jets
Part No: G-Keihin Jets
Brand: Keihin
List Price: $7.95
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Kehin Carburetor Jets
Hex Head Main Jets
for Keihin Carburetors 24 to 32mm.
Almost all Buggies and Scooters with a GY6150 or CN250 engine will use these jets
When you adjust your carburetor for racing or install a new Carburetor, Racing Exhaust or High Compression Piston, you must properly tune the Jet
Jet selection is a bit of a trial and error effort because many factors effect the fuel system
 To find the correct jet, start with a large jet such as a 160 or 150 and move down number by number until you achieve optimal performance. If you engage the choke at full gas and this results in poorer output or lower RPMs, you should change your jet to a smaller number. The stock main jet for these carbs can range from 100 to about 130
Your Main Jet is too small when engine runs better when the choke is engaged. Your spark plugs will look white and your engine will ping. If this is the case, simply increase the jet size until you find the right size. When the correct main jet is installed, your engine will run smoothly at full throttle and your spark plug should be light brown
NOTE: This page starts out with a $3.95. Jets cost $6.95 each. Choose the desired jets and the price on top will adjust. This is done so that we can have all the jets on one page
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Carburetor Main Jets. Keihin Carburetors 24mm to 32mm are found on almost all GY6 150 and CN250 Dune Buggy Engines.

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