Worldwide Shipping Outside of the USA

SMALL ITEMS: Order Online, use PayPal Checkout.
 We will ship USPS or FedEx to most worldwide locations.

LARGE ITEMS:  Vehicles (Go Kart, Buggy, ATV, Dirt Bike)
  • Order Online

  • Pay by Wire Transfer

  • Select a Freight Forwarder (see below)

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Can also pick up large items at the USA Freight Terminal closest to the border. This option will present itself during checkout. We will contact you to coordinate shipment upon receipt of payment.

ORDER PROCEDURE: (large item)

STEP 1  Place your Order on our Website
STEP 2  Enter your Local Delivery Address (in your Country) as the Billing Address, and the Freight Forwarder Address (USA) as the Shipping Address

STEP 3  Select the Customer will use Freight Forwarder as the Shipping Option

STEP 4  Follow the Pay-by-Wire Instructions presented during checkout

STEP 5  Contact a Freight Forwarding Company in your Country. They will pickup the item from our warehouse in the United States and deliver to you. They will provide Custom's Clearance. They will tell you the cost and you will pay them directly

We will provide you Payment Instructions when we process your order.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will provide you with pickup information for your Freight Forwarder

150 BUGGY:  5X5X4 600lbs
GOKART:      4X4X3  300lbs
BIKE            4X3X5  190lbs


choose a Freight Forwarder from Directory, or Contact any Freight Forwarder in your Country