The TC2 Torque Converter is made in the USA

1002B TC2 Torque Converter, for Baja/Coleman/Trailmaster Mini Bike

(Bike not included) Convert your Baja / Warrior / Coleman TrailMaster Mini Bike from a Jackshaft to a Torque Converter. The 1002 TC2 3/4 in. Bore, 10 Teeth, #40/41 chain, Easy to install, Bolts onto your 196cc Engine and gives you a big boost in power!

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Troublesome to put on, but.....
Jonathan Anthony (Palmerton , PA) 12/30/2015 9:14 PM
I'm new to this so I thought this wouldn't be bad, and it wasnt. The only problem was modifying parts and aligning the belt that wouldn't align properly with the parts given in the kit. Also the chain wouldn't fit without 2 masterlinks and the keys would fit into the jack shaft without the use of a hammer and wd40 Aside from these annoyances, it's a mighty piece of machinery that'll make your bike much more powerful....... buy make sure you have metric with you for sockets.
This "kit" is misleading
Carl Hight (Winnfield, LA) 5/26/2015 5:45 PM
This is just a 1002 kit. If you want the lug nut for the later models it is extra. The bad thing about it it's the wrong lug nut. Should be 1 to 1.37 long and this one is .75. Only maybe two threads engage. Your decals are on backorder and you will never get them.I contacted customer service and that was a joke. *********************ANSWER: Carl, Yes the 1002B for the Baja Minibike is the same as the 1002 with the same price. We offer the 1002B to make it easier for our customers to choose the correct Torque Converter. Yes, you can use the 1" Lug nut if you choose. the 3/4" works just fine. The Baja Engine is a very cheaply made engine. We recommend upgrading the engine. Please see our TrailMaster Monster Dog Minibike with several custom engine options, way better than Baja, Also, decals are in stock, we include them with every order. Thanks, Jeff
Ray (Traverse City, MI) 11/10/2014 9:30 AM
What is the difference between the cover and belt guard?
My Baja Heat is an Animal...
Michael Leonard (Facebook) 7/31/2012 4:15 PM
Michael Leonard I got this for my baja warrior mb and it changed it to a animal ! four of my friends now also got it for their baja mb's and we continue to trick them out even further to exhaust and k&n air filters ... Good times ! Just be sure your drive shaft is threaded before you buy this clutch kit .. Or else it won't work.. Thanks gokartusa USA
Baja Heat TC
Bill Gretch (Reno, NV) 7/4/2011 5:41 PM
I got lots of low end and top speed out of this TC. This was money well spent. Glad to see a good quality product from GTC. I would definitely recommend it. I had to cut off one of the cover mount bracket to install it, no big deal. I was still able to install the cover
Fantastic, Incredible, We love it!
Ken (GA) 7/21/2010 10:25 AM
I Installed TC2s on 2 Baja Heat Mini Bikes with 196cc Honda Clones. They performed Fantastic, incredible, I love it! If you put you feet on the ground and hit the gas, it will stand up! The acceleration is Crazy fast, almost instantaneous. The Top End Speed is around 38-40 mph, which is crazy for a mini bike! The Install Instructions were very good and easy to follow. I think the jack shaft axle should have a threaded bolt retainer instead of an e-clip. The drive pulley is hard to hold while being torqued, and you should include threadlocker.