Joe (WI)

Josh was very helpful in helping me understand what I needed for my GoKart. He reviewed photos talked me through everything. He was great!!

George Gallegos (San Diego, CA)

Amazing go kart! Did 10 miles this weekend. The kart carried 2 adults on a pretty moderate trail with a lot of up hill. Not once did i have a problem. Lastly, it only took 4 days to receive once i ordered it.

Mark Lerner (Louisiana)

GoKarts USA was a HUGE Help. They answered all my questions and I got a great bike. I'm having fun, Thanks!

T Alaska (Indiana)

Would Purchase Again?: YES.

They always answered my questions and helped me. I contacted other sellers who either did not answer or respnd to emails.  Even afterwards when I didn't read the site instructions to get my MSO they were very polite and helped me out. .

Trent (Tennessee)

Loving this go kart, 5 start, A+++++. Christmas present for my daughter. Can't wait to see her reaction.  Going to be our best Christmas ever. Thanks GoKartsUSA!

Jill E. (IL)

Would Purchase Again?: YES

 It was truly a pleasure, I contacted Eric with questions about a Go Kart engine for the frame my father picked up 2 years ago. The Kart didn't have an engine in it,so I'm new to go karts and had no clue what I needed to get this put together. I wanted to give Eric a big shout out.

Eric (TX)

we love them My neighbor bought one, our kids loved it so we got one too. They are great, they start up and run great every time

Mark Ivy (Casa Grande, AZ)

Bought this at SEARS with factory 3 year engine warranty. Sears was friendly but zero actual customer service..GoKarts USA was able to help, they ordered parts I needed.

Mike M. (NC)

The Titan engine  bolted right onto my manco gokart. I installed my existing torque converter. fit and works perfectly

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