Chinese VIN Lookup

Scooter, Motorcycle, Buggy, Dirt Bike, ATV, UTV, Go Kart

17 digits, 10th digit is year (learn more).

it's good to know your VIN number, particularly when ordering parts.

- 1st digit :  represents the country in which it was made. 1, 4, or 5 is for the U.S., L is for China, 2 is for Canada, J is for Japan, K is for Korea.

- 2nd and 3rd digits :  represents the manufacturer.

Chinese Manufacturers:

LAE Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle 
LAL Sundiro Honda Motorcycle 
LAN Changzhou Yamasaki Motorcycle 
LBB Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle (Keeway/Generic) 
LBE Beijing Hyundai 
LBM Zongshen Piaggio 
LBP Chongqing Jainshe Yamaha (motorcycles) 
LB2 Geely Motorcycles 
LCE Hangzhou Chunfeng Motorcycles (CFMOTO) 
LDC Dong Feng Peugeot Citroen (DPCA), China 
LDD Dandong Huanghai Automobile 
LDF Dezhou Fulu Vehicle (motorcycles) 
LDN SouEast Motor 
LET Jiangling-Isuzu Motors, China 
LE4 Beijing Benz, China 
LFG Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing 
LFY Changshu Light Motorcycle Factory 
LGB Dong Feng (DFM), China 
LGH Qoros (formerly Dong Feng (DFM)), China 
LGX BYD Auto, China 
LHB Beijing Automotive Industry Holding 
LKL Suzhou King Long, China 
LL6 Hunan Changfeng Manufacture Joint-Stock 
LL8 Linhai (ATV) 
LMC Suzuki Hong Kong (motorcycles) 
LPR Yamaha Hong Kong (motorcycles) 
LPS Polestar (Volvo) (Sweden) 
LSG Shanghai General Motors, China 
LSJ MG Motor UK Limited - SAIC Motor, Shanghai, China 
LSV Shanghai Volkswagen, China 
LSY Brilliance Zhonghua 
LTP National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) 
LUC Guangqi Honda, China 
LVS Ford Chang An 
LVV Chery, China 
LVZ Dong Feng Sokon Motor Company (DFSK) 
LV3 National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) 
LZM MAN China 
LZE Isuzu Guangzhou, China 
LZG Shaanxi Automobile Group, China 
LZP Zhongshan Guochi Motorcycle (Baotian) 
LZY Yutong Zhengzhou, China 
LZZ Chongqing Shuangzing Mech & Elec (Howo) 
L4B Xingyue Group (motorcycles) 
L5C KangDi (ATV) 
L5K Zhejiang Yongkang Easy Vehicle 
L5N Zhejiang Taotao, China (ATV & motorcycles) 
L5Y Merato Motorcycle Taizhou Zhongneng 
L85 Zhejiang Yongkang Huabao Electric Appliance 
L8X Zhejiang Summit Huawin Motorcycle 

4th to 8th digits :  these positions represent vehicle attributes such as body style and engine type (not to be confused with engine number, every vehicle has an engine number mounted on the engine)

- 9th digit :  is called a check digit and it exists for security reasons only. this number or letter is derived mathematically depending on the previous 8 digits.

- 10th digit :  the vehicle year.

Important:  the letters i, q, u, and o are never used so skip them accordingly. Also:  to tell the difference between an older or newer vehicle, the 7th digit is referenced. for example, an A in the 10th position could indicate 1980 or 2010. to determine which, refer to the 7th position, if the 7th position is a number the earlier year applies. if the 7th position is a letter, then the latter year applies.


Year   Code Year   Code Year   Code Year   Code Year   Code Year
A 1980   L 1990   Y 2000   A 2010   2020   Y 2030
B 1981   M 1991   1 2001   B 2011   M 2021   1 2031
C 1982   N 1992   2 2002   C 2012   N 2022   2 2032
D 1983   P 1993   3 2003   D 2013   P 2023   3 2033
E 1984   R 1994   4 2004   E 2014   R 2024   4 2034
F 1985   S 1995   5 2005   F 2015   S 2025   5 2035
G 1986   T 1996   6 2006   G 2016   T 2026   6 2036
H 1987   V 1997   7 2007   H 2017   V 2027   7 2037
J 1988   W 1998   8 2008   J 2018   W 2028   8 2038
K 1989   X 1999   9 2009   K 2019   X 2029   9 2039

 - 11th digit :  assembly plant.

- 12 - 17th digits :  these are the sequence numbers as the vehicles roll off of the assembly line. the last four are always numbers.

 The VIN Number is stamped or plated onto the frame. On a buggy, it may be under the drivers seat.

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