Factory Warranty

some Vehicles may include a standard limited warranty from the manufacturer. This will be indicated on the product listing.

30 Days on Vehicle | 90 Days on Motor | Parts Only

Manufacturer warrants the vehicle will be free of defects in materials and workmanship at Delivery Time.

A Qualified Mechanic must perform final assembly, initial setup, adjustments and oil service at his/her own expense (even on assembled units). Labor is not covered under any circumstance and no credit will be issued.  A copy of the mechanic’s assembly invoice is required for any warranty coverage.

Missing or broken items noted at Delivery Time will be replaced free of charge under Manufacturer Warranty. Customer must inform us within 48 Hours of delivery by completing a Help Request on our website.


Damage due to operation, accidents, improper assembly, improper maintenance are NOT covered under warranty.


Customers can purchase EXTENDED WARRANTY COVERAGE. If a Warranty is offered on your Vehicle, you will see Options to add Extended Warranty Coverage on the product listing. Manufacturer Warranties cover defective parts only and do not include parts worn by standard use (such as tires, belts, clutches, batteries, lights, chains, etc.) or parts damaged from use, accidents, abuse, misuse or improper setup and maintenance of the product. LABOR IS NOT COVERED FOR ANY REASON. Customer must send defective parts in for inspection prior to a replacement being sent. Customer is responsible for shipping charges until part is deemed defective. 

NOTE: Powersport Vehicles require SUBSTANTIAL MECHANICAL SUPPORT to uncrate, setup, operate and maintain. This maintenance is a significant part of the sport and is needed on an ongoing basis. If you are new to the sport, please consider this prior to making a purchase 
It is the customer’s responsibility to register products for warranty WITHIN 5 DAYS OF DELIVERY. The delivery Inspection form (PDI) must also be completed as required by all dealerships in the USA. This is a REQUIRED step in the Assembly Process. By omitting this step you will be VOIDING your warranty. Please click here to download PDI Warranty Registration Form  
Customers can Ask a Question, obtain Technical Assistance or Request Missing or Damaged Parts by completing a Help Request. Gokarts USA will assist the customer in obtaining warranty coverage from the manufacturer if necessary. Upon reviewing your Help Request, our staff may direct you to submit a Warranty Claim Request  Customer must ship the defective or damaged part to manufacturer first before a replacement will be sent.
Parts returned will be inspected and if deemed defective, will be repaired or replaced at Manufacturer's option. Customer shall be responsible for shipping charges to the Manufacturer. Shipping expenses will be reimbursed if the part is deemed to be defective by the manufacturer. Parts deemed not defective or not covered under warranty shall be discarded or shipped back to the customer upon payment of shipping fee by customer. customer can purchase a part at any time.

GoKarts USA Warranty Agreement

This factory limited warranty agreement is provided by the manufacturer of your product. There are no agreements or warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those stated in this agreement. Customer agrees to enter into this agreement by purchasing from GoKarts USA.

Warranty Period & Coverage

The below warranty periods begin on the date that the unit is delivered or picked up. During the warranty period, depending on the model, your warranty will cover parts only and the cost to ship parts. This warranty does not cover labor or shipping to send back defective parts. If a part is deemed to be defective by the manufacturer, the customer will be reimbursed for shipping.

• Parts are covered under this warranty to be free from manufacturer defects. Parts not included in this warranty are listed below in the Warranty Limitations. Any parts deemed questionable by the manufacturer must be submitted for inspection and approval.

• A qualified mechanic must perform the initial vehicle set- up and routine maintenance to maintain full warranty coverage. Failure to provide a mechanic’s invoice will void your warranty.


90 Day or 500 mile Engine/Transmission
30 Day or 250 mile chassis/Suspension
30 Day *Limited Battery/*Limited Electrical System
30 Day *Limited Fuel System


 6  MO or 1,500 mile Engine/Transmission
12 MO or 2,500 mile Engine/Transmission
18 MO or 3,500 mile Engine/Transmission
24 MO or 5,000 mile Engine/Transmission


30 Day or 500 mile Engine/Transmission/Chassis/Suspension/*Limited Electrical/*Limited Fuel System
60 Day or 1,000 mile Engine/Transmission/Chassis/Suspension/*Limited Electrical/*Limited Fuel System

 *Electrical and Fuel System related warranty claims are limited by the nature of the category. Improper usage and maintenance of electrical and fuel system components may prematurely void warranty.


Parts not covered under this warranty are listed below. Warranty requests on any of the below items may be submitted for review to the manufacturer warranty/parts department. If a part is deemed defective by the manufacturer, the part will be covered under Warranty.

Spark Plugs Throttle Cable, choke cable Brake line cable, clutch cable
Drive chains, Drive belts, CVT belts Air cleaner element & bracket Clutch/Clutch Components
Fuel Lines Vacuum Lines Fuel Pumps
Front/Rear brake pads/shoes Bushings/Bearings Light Bulbs
Piston Rings Gaskets, O-rings Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Seals
Starter Motor Variator weights/rollers Suspension, Shocks, Linkage
Fuses/Rubber Parts Outside plastic parts/Body parts Front/Rear Tires & Tubes
Front/Rear Rims Gear/Engine oil Front/Rear brake rotors
Brake/Clutch Levers Steering stem bearings Floor boards/Pegs
Oil/Fuel Filters Battery Any wear items

Damage caused by the following is NOT covered under this warranty

Unavoidable natural disasters, fire, collision, theft, improper storage or transportation, negligence of the periodic maintenance, improper use, racing, jumping, improper repair, adjustment or maintenance, repairs and adjustments not done by licensed dealers, use of non-genuine parts, using the product for commercial use, unauthorized modification made to the product, operation of the vehicle when it is overheating, or installing performance parts or components on the vehicle that change the original engineering. The Factory Limited Warranty does not cover damage caused by, or resulting from, any other reason besides a manufacturer’s defect.

Shipping Damage “48 Hour Rule”

The Customer has 48 hours to report any visible damage to the unit. DO NOT ASSEMBLE THE UNIT UNTIL THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE IS COMPLETED. GoKarts USA may extend a reasonable allotted time at our discretion for customers with larger orders.

1. Document any visible damage on delivery documents while the driver is present (Most Important)

2. Make a copy or take a photo of the delivery documents with legible description of damage

3. Take pictures of the damaged products

4. Submit a Help Request with the above delivery documents and pictures with a list of replacement parts within 2 days of receipt of product(s)

5. Your warranty claim will be declined if the above documents are not provided within the time frame.

Upon receiving the above documents, replacement parts will be shipped free of charge.

Procedure to File a Warranty Claim/Shipping Damage Claim

Complete a Help/Warranty Request on our website.

• Include as much information as possible so we may help you to the best of our ability.

• Attached photos to your request

• List the part(s) that you need. If you do not know the part(s) you need, one of our advisors will assist you.

• Add completed Request to website shopping cart

• Proceed to website checkout

• Follow all checkout steps until you reach the Confirmation page.


Please note; photos may take a few moments to upload to your request. To avoid loading issues, only click “ADD TO CART” once. The webpage will notify you once the request has been added to your shopping cart.

All defective parts must be returned if asked for at the customer’s expense. This cost will be reimbursed to the customer if the part is determined to be defective. A warranty claim will be denied if defective parts are not returned when requested.

The Customer is responsible for freight to return the product. If the product is determined to be defective, your warranty will cover parts, factory labor, and freight to send out replacement or repaired components. If the product is determined to be damaged, due to causes other than manufacturer defects, the customer is responsible for parts, factory labor, and freight to send back replacement or repaired product.

Shipping Policy

GoKarts USA is not responsible for shipping delays as it is at will of the shipping company or unpredictable circumstances.

The Customer is responsible for any extra shipping cost that occurs after the part has been shipped. This cost includes, but is not limited; to change of address cost, change of zoning cost, re-weight cost, lift gate service.

Warranty orders can be canceled before they are shipped. Once a warranty order is shipped, all payment related to such order is non-refundable.


Please click here for   Warranty Registration and PDI Forms